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How quickly can I expect to see results?
How do I submit a sample?
How can our clients view results?
How do I request more collection supplies?
Why was my sample cancelled?
What if I have a question about my clients’ results?
What’s the difference between screening and confirmation?
Why don’t I see ethanol on your toxicology testing menu?
Can you detect what kind, how much, or when alcohol was consumed?
Why did I test positive for codeine or morphine when I eat a poppy seed muffin?
Does Rize offer STI testing?
Does Rize offer microbiome testing?
Does Rize offer sequencing?

COVID for Individuals

What types of COVID testing do you offer?
How much does a test cost?
I received a bill from my insurance, what does this mean?
What should I do if I’m not sure my insurance will cover the test?
How do I submit a sample?
How can I view my results?
I signed up for LabDash but have not received the activation email.
My sample was collected but not yet received by the laboratory.
Is it possible to request a QR Code or other information on my results?
Can my children get tested?
Is it possible to use one email address for multiple people in our family?
What can I use these test results for?
Can you send test results to my surgery center / facility?

COVID for Organizations

How do I start a testing program for my organization?
I need supplies for my facility. Who do I contact?
When are the typical courier hours?
How much time do I have to get my sample to the lab?
Do samples need to be refrigerated?
Who can I call to get results on the weekend?
If a sample has been delayed, where can I look it up?
How do I get a "No Patient Assigned" sample connected?

School Testing Program

What is the Rize Laboratory Weekly Covid Testing for Schools Initiative?
Who qualifies for weekly testing under the Covid Testing for Schools Initiative?
How do I sign up for the Schools Initiative weekly testing?
How do I opt-out of the Schools Initiative weekly testing?
When will I receive my testing kit?
How is the test covered?
How do I physically collect my sample?
Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Still have questions? Give us a call at the lab:

(541) 368-3050