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Our Mission is community

To us, that means seeing ourselves in the context of collective goals and shared vitality. When we prioritize human relationships above all else, our business and the people we touch thrive together.

We aim for true partnership with our customers, tailoring our service to simplify their lives and better serve their patients. To our broader network of strategic collaborators, we show up as a resource and support system, just as they help extend our reach for greater impact.

With our teammates in the lab, we have the capacity to strengthen our connection with every interaction. We open opportunities for each other and our peers in the region knowing communities rise together.

Our Values

Value 01

Embrace change

It takes adaptability and nimble decision making to be at the leading edge. We look ahead for the next pivot and stay light on our feet to learn as we go. Knowing the course will change, we take calculated risks and continually push for progress.

Value 02

Trust in collaboration

We communicate honestly and openly to weather storms and celebrate successes together. We are curious and approachable and always show up ready to find solutions alongside our colleagues and customers.

Value 03

Walk the talk

We build reliability by clearly stating our intent and following through with every commitment. Out of respect for our teammates, partners, and community, we take pride in our work and hold ourselves accountable to exceed expectations.

Value 04

Connect with the human

Every sample in our lab has a story behind it. Each customer we serve has challenges in their role. Our teammates have their own complex lives. We recognize the mutual benefit in our relationships and consider the nuances of each individual so we can better serve one another.

Our vision is to be a catalyst of innovation and opportunity.

We envision a future where Rize is known as an innovative leader in clinical laboratory testing. We will sustainably scale region by region on our way to national reach, while maintaining the personal connection and adaptability of our smaller company culture.

Our investment in research and development will carry us into diverse market segments until we’ve surpassed what other labs can offer. And our network of strategic partnerships will open doors to these new opportunities for impact.

As our organization grows, we’ll build the leadership structure and repeatable systems that empower our team to do their best work with autonomy and ease. With close ties to the community around our business, Rize will give back as a sponsor and be seen for our influence on the greater good.


Based in Corvallis, serving the nation

Corvallis, Oregon is the place we call home — it’s where we got our start and remains a strong foundation for us as we expand our services statewide and across the U.S. We already serve the I-5 corridor with our daily courier service, and we reach customers outside the Willamette Valley through our shipping partnerships. Despite our small-town roots, our team has cultivated the logistics expertise to serve partners nationwide.

Rize to the occasion

We’re always looking for energetic, collaborative folks interested in embracing opportunity alongside us. Check out our careers page to see how you might join the Rize team.