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What to expect with a LIMS transition

Embracing change: how laboratory information management systems create better user experiences

It’s understandable why clinics and practices would stick with the systems they know. There is comfort in the repeatability of a familiar process. In many organizations, this is still in the form of paper-based information and workflows. We get it! There is something grounding about the tangibility of paper. There are some drawbacks, however.

While paper-driven systems feel easy to repeat in each individual instance, they can add up to a lot of time spent. Furthermore, we’ve found that there is a higher chance of human error — on both the clinic and lab sides of the exchange. The information will still need to be digitized to process the test order, and if any of the data is incomplete or incorrect, more back and forth is required to get it right. That means more work for clinic managers who already have their hands full, and a longer turnaround time on test results.

At Rize, we use laboratory management software to help our clients improve patient outcomes and provide exceptional patient care. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) provide a more accurate, streamlined ordering process and quicker turnaround times. By organizing all the information in one place, you have better access to the insights you need, the ability to see trends over time, and ease in sharing results.

Managing change

It’s with good reason clinics might approach change with caution. Moving away from familiar processes and adjusting to new systems can feel like a big undertaking. What may be perceived as extra work or a steep learning curve up front can actually be a painless experience — provided you have the right support!

Our aim at Rize is to do as much of the heavy lifting for you as we can. Then we’re right there by your side as you get acquainted with the platform. Getting through setup is quicker than you might think, meaning your job can start getting easier, and soon.


Designed for you

How laboratory management software works for you is unique to your practice. Rather than adapting to a one-size-fits-all solution, think of it the other way around — we’re setting up what best fits your workflow. This is another important aspect of collaborative onboarding. By customizing the platform from the very beginning, you can get up and running quickly and make a more seamless transition into a system that best suits your process. Each clinic has their repeatable way of ordering tests — with our software, that repetition becomes simpler and more efficient. Our flexible and modern LIMS gives us the ability to provide our clients with a portal to easily access all past and present testing information all in one place, with the ability to add custom reports to find/monitor exactly what you need.

Getting started

We want you to know what you’re getting yourself into before you make the leap (that’s what this post is about after all). We’ll start with an overview of the tool and walk you through a demonstration of the software in action. With our example account, you’ll get to see exactly how you’d place orders and review results from the clinic side of the user interface. This is also when we can start to get to know more about how it would work best for your unique approach.

Beyond the demo, we’ll help you through the initial data import so you can get up to full speed sooner. Most importantly, you’ll be able to work directly with a team you know (not a call center at a national outfit) as you begin trying it out yourself. We can observe via screen share as you lead the controls on your end — hands-on training with a team that understands you and your practice.

Fully transitioned

It won’t be long before you’ll experience the benefits. That’s quicker repetition of your customized, regular ordering process. And together, we’ll minimize the chances of errors and deliver quicker turnaround times on your test results.

Your polished PDF reports can be shared with patients or integrated with their records. For clinics with multiple locations, sharing results between practices just got much simpler compared to the analog method. With a higher volume of testing, you can easily preview results, see what got flagged for confirmation, and triage and prioritize accordingly. Eventually you’ll be able to see trends with your patients and serve them better — our software allows physicians to view patient history and levels over time, and it also allows clinics to create a heatmap of positive samples for a clearer picture of the community.

Of course we’re still here for you long after you adopt the tool. That’s the difference with Rize. It’s not just about transitioning to new software; it’s about the software plus the team and service at Rize that will bring you the most value.

Want to see a demo? Have other questions about making the transition? Get in touch with our clinical implementation specialist and registered nurse Aslan Noakes at (541) 368-3050.

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